*DECEMBER 19 - 21st is the FINAL WEEK for veggies in 2022.*

Order fresh, organically-grown veggies for delivery to your door each week RIGHT HERE!

We DO NOT delivery to Leamington & Belle River anymore. We're so sorry for the inconvenience!

Our market season is paused for 2022 and early 2023. You can find any veggies or gift cards on our "veggie program" page.

Our GreenerBins Program Turned into a Full-Circle Farming Operation

What started as our food scrap pickup program has transformed into a full-circle farming operation, where we work to show that our food system isn't wasteful – it can be regenerative!

  • Cartoon pickup truck and two bins with a GF logo on them. Text says: We pick up your food waste.
  • Cartoon chicken, rooster, tractor, and worm. Text says: we break it down.
  • Cartoon compost pile. Text says: and turn it into compost!
  • Cartoon farm layout logo. Text says: that compost grows new food at our farm & in your garden!

What Is Full-Circle Farming?

Full-circle farming works as a big loop. We start by picking up food scraps from homes, schools, and businesses, then we bring the scraps back to our farm to be composted, and finally we return the transformed nutrient-dense soil back to you each spring or fall! Any extra compost is donated to local community gardens and schools, and is also used to grow pesticide-free, organic produce on our farm! You can read more about each program under "Compost Program" and "Veggie Program". There may be a bug bite or two on some produce, but we're proud to grow food organically with soil health (and our health) in mind.

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