Abundance Box (Build Your Own!)
Abundance Box (Build Your Own!)
Abundance Box (Build Your Own!)
Abundance Box (Build Your Own!)

Abundance Box (Build Your Own!)

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A Veggie Delivery Box (well, bag) of beautiful, organically-grown goodies all from GreenerFarms. The veggies we have listed here are what we have in abundance of at the farm at the moment. It allows us to move some extra veggies while giving you the chance eat seasonally and locally!

This veggie box is "build your own" style! Pick any items that you'd like out of our menu for local delivery. There is no current minimum for ordering (but there is a $5 delivery fee). 

DELIVERY: THURSDAY, October 5th (Order by TUESDAY, October 3rd)


Floral Garlic Braids - $40 (wonderful to use as decorations or to give as a gift for thanksgiving and the holidays). All garlic is organically grown on our farm and all flowers are as well! 

Compost - $15 (made on farm! The perfect time to add compost to your garden is in the fall!)

Cured Garlic
 - $10/ 1/2 lb 

Seed garlic (for planting at the end of October) - $3/head (larger heads that we have bred and saved this variety for seed).

Oyster mushrooms - $7

Flower bouquets (mason jar) - $15 (An arrangement of in-season flowers delivered to your door. Our bouquets are never treated or sprayed with anything, and are all grown from organic and heirloom seeds!)