Why We Farm!

...and HOW we farm!
It all started with a bin, a truck, and a whole lot of chickens.
The idea for GreenerFarms — formerly GreenerBins — came from a single apple core. More specifically, Dane thinking about where his apple core was going: into the garbage! He couldn't believe that all of those delicious nutrients were being wasted in the landfill. He knew that he had to do something about it.
With just a jeep and some buckets, Dane began picking up food waste from Windsor-Essex households in the summer of 2018. Within two months, the service really picked up! So we invested in a truck and our first employee (and current driver extraordinaire), Martin!
In the fall of 2019, we needed some extra hands on deck to sift through the food waste. Our chicky girls, to this day, are a vital part of the composting process! Their hardworking beaks and feet break the food waste down more efficiently, and get it from food to soil faster. These are the happiest girls in the world, because they eat some pretty darn delicious food from all of our customers. You can usually find the chickens roaming the forest, eating bugs, or munching on food all day, every day!
Once the girls are done with it, the food gets moved into big piles and into the hands of Dane and his tractor. This is the tricky part! All of the piles need to be well maintained, which includes: flipping and watering them, measuring their temperatures, and ensuring the carbons and nitrogens are balanced! This part takes about a year, and along the way our red wiggler worms help us out! They blend the compost and make sure it's super charged with healthy microbial life.
You might be wondering where the farming comes in...we're almost there! The building of the soil is the MOST IMPORTANT part. Once the worms are finished, the soil is ready and our pickup customers & community gardens around Windsor-Essex receive compost back for their gardens. Whatever is left, we use to grow fresh, organically-grown, produce. 
That's right, from food, to soil, to food again, this full-circle farming method ensures that the soil is nourished, the land is protected, and that our community is well-fed in the meantime.
We never compromise our soil for the sake of production!
In 2020/2021 GreenerFarms took the original vision of GreenerBins and brought it deeper. 
GreenerFarms completes the loop.
Our Regenerative Practices:
+ Low to no tilling (prevents the release of stored carbon into the air).
+ No pesticides, herbicides, or sprays...ever.
+ No modified or GMO seeds! We only use Heirloom & Organic seeds.
You can sign up for our veggie delivery program HERE!